Addendum: Team of Rivals

Further to the earlier post on Anand and his “human cluster”, this: in the interview, Vishy acknowledges the work put in by Anish Giri, the Dutch chess prodigy who in January 2009 became the youngest ever grandmaster. For the chess fans among you — and it’s a pleasant surprise to see how many there are — one of Giri’s hobbies is annotating great chess games. And here, with his commentary, is game 12 of the FIDE face off between Anand and Topalov. Here’s Giri on game 2, when Anand played a beauty to level the scores. [Bonus — a database of 150 of Giri’s tournament games to date].

6 thoughts on “Addendum: Team of Rivals

  1. Prem, Anish Giri is not the youngest ever GM. Please re-read the Chessbase article. AFAIK, the record is still held by Karjakin.

    Dhananjay, based on current performance, Anish has miles to go before he is at Carlsen’s level.

    • That’s not the chess WC tradition. The challenger comes through qualifiers and not on ranking. Carlsen does get a direct entry into the next qualifier because of his ranking.

  2. This bit is interesting and intriguing

    Do you know, on the evening before the last game he called me and said “I’ve been thinking for ten whole minutes and now I know what he’s going to play: the Queen’s Gambit Declined, Lasker Variation!” Then he squealed on the server when it happened: “I got it right!”

    Will we see a World Chess Championship match between Anish and Magnus in near future?

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