It’s Brazil

So you can wait 22 days, and follow World Cup soccer excitement here [our colleagues in the US are providing us a World Cup site for the Yahoo India portal, will link as soon as it is live] — or you can skip right ahead to the final result [spoiler alert], and get on with your life. You chose.

13 thoughts on “It’s Brazil

  1. Apart from Bafana Bafana matches, two big matches that people are eagerly waiting for is the Brazil Vs Portugal match at Durban and Brazil Vs Ivory Coast at Jo’berg.

  2. Have people found any high quality websites to follow the WC? The Yahoo one is only a compilation of existing news articles… no insightful primary analysis.. can’t wait for this WC!!!

  3. any model that has serbia over spain is dead wrong. just like topalov’s computer cluster was trumped by anand’s human cluster, a talented side like spain will be bossing the likes of serbia any day and twice on weekends.

    will be cheering the dutch and the spaniards. hoping argentina make a quick exit. england are a nation of quarterfinalists.

  4. I don’t think New Zealand themselves have such a heightened estimation of their own footballing activities. But nice to see they have factored in home advantage for South Africa.

    • Do you have the 10K to bet 🙂

      Aside from the Serbia in final, my gut feeling is that IF ( and it’s a big IF) all the first X1 for The Netherlands stay injury free, they might eventually go on and win the WC. They are my dark horses.

  5. I too wish Ivory Coast goes quite far into the tournament. And to top it off, hopefully Spain will finally win a World title.

  6. Hmmm.. JP Morgan Quant Analysis Team says that the Winner will be England. Yahoo Analysis says that they shall be knocked out at Round of 16 stage itself. Lets revisit this after the cup has been won 🙂

  7. Only if sport technicians could win the game for the country! Am so glad they cant! Its ARGENTINA all the way !!! My moneys on them:)

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