Team of rivals: 2

Part one of the Vishy Anand interview on Chessbase [posted yesterday] was totally fascinating.

Here’s the equally insightful part two — where he talks of mice machines, and men, and the mysteries of match prep. Enjoy.


5 thoughts on “Team of rivals: 2

  1. Most important point from this news was the fact that the Bulgarian Govt. supported Topalov with his hardware costs. What was support given to Anand?

    Another insight was the amount of team-work that goes into an individual sport. Have never thought it that way at all

  2. While the interviews were itself good,what was good was the comments from the readers on Chessbase,mostly global citizens who posted refreshing comments unlike the ones found on Rediff.
    Prem:is it possible for you to link Rohit Brijnath’s articles?His recent articles have been awesome

    • Coincidentally, was in conversation with Rohit about just that. He will likely write for us post August, but in the meantime trying to get hold of his Straits Times stuff.

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