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Am out of office all day on a series of meetings, folks. Back here tomorrow — meanwhile, welcome to the week, love to see/hear any links, thoughts, comments you may have. On anything at all. And everything 🙂


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  1. Amit writes in his Yahoo column:

    Another big story of the last few days was about how the BCCI was planning to sack Dhoni from the T20 captaincy. As Prem Panicker eloquently pointed out, it was a fabrication. And it was a particularly ludicrous one, when you consider that Dhoni is also captain of Chennai Super Kings, which is owned by BCCI bigwig N Srinivasan and has chairman of selectors K Srikkanth as a brand ambassador. If Dhoni is sacked from the Indian captaincy, it directly affects CSK’s brand value. Even if he really sucked as a captain — despite some bad tactical calls, I believe he is a splendid captain — he would not be sacked. He could walk on field in a bikini, holding a tennis racket, and he would keep his job. So what a dishonest story to run.

    I think it is ridiculous of Amit to imply that had the need arisen ( it did not, according to Amit, but still..) to sack Dhoni, the CSK duo of Srinivasan and Srikkanth wouldn’t have done it as it would have affected the brand value of CSK. This is a baseless aspersion on their professional integrities and needless in this context. The TOI report citing ‘top sources’ was completely fabricated and in correctly trying to tear that apart, Amit makes the mistake of fabricating a story himself.

  2. I thought I had seen it all but this takes the cake……. an NDTV reporter accosted Vishy Anand at Chennai Airport and had the temerity to ask him “Chennai Super Kings won the IPL, and now you have retained the World Crown…..bla bla bla………..”. He must be the worst imbecile to compare Anands success with CSK’s IPL 😦

  3. Is he the same Praful Patel i saw on TV yesterday after the AI flight disaster, who was interested in IPL valuations a month ago??

  4. Chris Cairns had made a grave mistake….now he’ll get a 6 carton loaded reply for his show cause notice 🙂

  5. BCCI once more invites bids for team sponsorships.. Will there be any takers unlike the last time ?

  6. trivia – if u watched the sl-nz t20 yday, the ball makes a funny sound while hitting the bat (or is it the other way around ? 🙂

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