Do children get 72 virgins/raisins too?

Watch this:

Oh, and about the virgins? Here — fancy white raisins?

And a recent post in Slate about the female of the species. Bombers, I mean, not virgins.

4 thoughts on “Do children get 72 virgins/raisins too?

  1. I dont believe poverty is the root cause of terrorism-most of the 9/11 terrorists came from rich well educated families.The Pakistani terrorist who got caught in the attempted times square bombing had a stable job and an educated wife-he still wanted to kill innocents.
    I think something is fundamentally flawed with the ideology they follow.Until they realize that they are the first victims of the cult they follow nothing will change

  2. I believe that poverty has a role but it is not everything – In India also, there are lots of veda patashalas where student are given free food/ lodging etc but look at how many parents send their wards there? Even if the parents are poor, they rather send their kids to modern education so that they get regular jobs…

    In the Hindu society, we do not want send kids to religuious studies to get food unless the parents themselves are religiously educated and want their kin to study religious scriptures.

    In general majority in current Hindu soceity does not place emphasis in religious studies (of course majority also offers free opinions about our religion too :))

    What I see is in most of the Islamic countries, they are not averse to religious education but the danger lies in the curricula where extremism is taught. This is an issue that needs to be addressed by the muslim community. Only muslim intellectuals/ priests can tackle this and the entire community needs to think about it. Also, when I read pakistan newspapers online, I see a persection complex where the entire muslim community is being fed about jewish “designs”, “american conspiracies”, so it is easy to instigate the young impersonable minds about jihad etc.
    One interesting thing is for so many student in these madrassas look at the majority – they dont always become terrorists, also not all the students become religious scholars too, there are lots of dropouts. There will be always be a few students who learn the extremism along with religious studies and military training for these guys turn them to terrorists… These kind of guys used to exist in the society fringes now they are part of the mainstream in the Islamic world and that is the most disturbing fact …
    These kinds of things can be addressed only by massive changes in the society not just by addressing poverty or jobs

  3. There are certain elements to be blamed here, i) the govt. for not able to stop these kind of madarsas from flourishing in its own territory and ii) the parents who indirectly are ok with this(and go scott free) by letting their children be taken away for promise of food and money.

    In India even though poverty prevails, these other elements are non-existent.

  4. For the millionth time I am looking at it from this young adults perspective- poverty, no food, sometimes no shelter, family has no means of survival- what does he do? India faces this same very problem and if we do not get education and shelter equally divided and control our population we will be heading this way…:(

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