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If I wrote a book titled Lover in the Lords, will you guys buy 100s of copies and make me so rich I don’t have to write any more? Or how about The Seventh Game?

Still no? Okay I give up — here, use this and come up with a title for a book you will buy — the objective is to make me rich, like my friends Amit Varma, Sidin Vadakut et al, and I really don’t want to sweat the details.

On a related note, play free association: I’ll give you a book title, you tell me what you think it is about. Ready? Go:

Be Bold With Bananas [I found that one here]

Or how about this:

Games You Can Play with Your Pussy [here. Now go wash your mind out with soap. And then check out the whole list. Much fun.]

Okay, enough random nonsense — a more productive use of your time is this piece by one of my favorite bloggers on books and writing: Sanjay Sipahimalani, on Y! Opinions, on books and their titles. Enjoy.

Update: Found this thanks to Ashish, in comments: a blog on how books got their titles. Fascinating stuff.


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  1. The problem of giving names to lireray works cuts across the globe and across the millenia. Banabhatta named his story as ” KADAMBARI( Means Novel). Ramayana means story of Rama and Shahanama is story of the shah( If everyone had followed similarly, we should have had ” Gandhiana, Nehrunama, tendulkarnama, cricketayana and so on)

    Even Shakespere named his book” AS YOU LIKE IT”.
    Even now we see people naming their books as” three stories” ” ten people” etc.

    One of my favourite titles which was apt for the book is :” A Study in scarlet” by Aurthur Conon Doyle

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