Hyderabadi what-the-eff-was-that-again?

Not to be crude, but I can think of two reasons why this girl…

Debina Bonnerjee

… has been picked to play this girl in a film titled, hold your breath, Hyderabadi Daamaad:

Sania Mirza

I can’t, however, think of even one reason why Sania’s stop-start tennis career and ho-hum marriage to a Pakistani cricketer who has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons is even worth a movie. Oh, and while on the happy couple, this line in a recent report provokes a chuckle:

Dubai is a neutral venue for both of them.

15 thoughts on “Hyderabadi what-the-eff-was-that-again?

  1. Couldn’t open your blog in office today and pretend that I am reading a technical document x-(

  2. Was expecting a reaction to the news that BCCI will not field a team at the Asian games.If the A team is playing on International assignements they could have sent a B team,Asian games dates were known in advance.
    Am sure a Dravid,Sachin or even a retired Kumble will be happy to don India colours than a BCCI sponsored by Sahara T shirt.

  3. Missing some traffic, eh Prem? A quick google search told me that this girl played the role of Sita. So perhaps there were some more reasonable sized photographs available, but you “chose to play to the galleries”. Interesting

    • Ah no, that is the one worry I do not have 🙂 Not monetizing this, so traffic, a couple thousand more or less, is entirely irrelevant. You can’t imagine what a relief that is — no pressure to post unless I have something I want to say. bliss. 🙂

    • Sorry. About playing to the galleries — I actually was trying to make a point about the kind of film this one’s going to be. Why else cast an obscure, largely unknown actress if not that she will have less scruples than most about what she wears and the scenes she plays?

  4. Hi Prem, could it be that this girl has played the role of Sita in the last version of Ramayana on TV?

    • Yup, saw that bit. Didn’t see how playing small screen sita qualified someone to play big screen sania, so left it out. 🙂

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