Steve Coll on blogging

Was wondering whether to allow my silence to speak for itself, or speak about the silence, when I chanced on this piece by Steve Coll in the New Yorker.

Unlike Coll, I am not currently engaged in writing anything. But like him, I’m finding the need to stack boulders before the metaphorical front door — some stuff I am working on demands absolute focus; mind space to write posts has been at a premium as a result.

All that said, be back here Friday. Meanwhile, treat this as an open thread, folks — anything goes.


14 thoughts on “Steve Coll on blogging

  1. Hi Prem,
    Thanks for the link to Steve Coll’s blog. It’s fantastic how you come up with such links! I think that’s the reason your blog has such a massive following.
    I was at University of Maryland, College Park during 1989-91 and at that time reading ‘Washington Post’ was a daily ritual. We didn’t have internet those days. Steve Coll was at that time Post’s South Asia correspondent based in New Delhi. He was brilliant even during those days and I used to look forward to reading his columns very much. I sort of lost track of him after he left Washington Post. Its good to know he still writes a lot on India.

  2. If you are noticing, these consecutive losses in the tri-series to Zimbabwe is costing India ODI rating points and is likely to slip to third place below South Africa.

    • So? A team that gets beaten – twice – comprehensively by Zimbabwe has no business being Number 2 in any rankings. And our deputy captain, right on cue to his captain would say “There is no shame if we can’t play Zimbawve, We do not have these kind of conditions at home. Lot of players are inexperienced”.

  3. We cannot send a B team to Asiad. The B team gets beaten by Worlds C team- Zimbabwe. SL and Pak would have made a mince meat of the B team, sending national glory tumbling after!!

    BCCI decides and BCCI rules. There is no way to object it. Media might cry hoarse but then BCCI given a horse’s ass about medias opinion. So sit tight and enjoy NZ getting mauled on the flat tracks. Lots of DLF maximum coming your way!!

    I think the main reason BCCI said No is because the Indian Players said No since
    1)they dont know what pitches to expect in China
    2)how can you party in China without knowing the local language..for that matter u cant pickup a fight in pub as well since u dont know what swearing in Chinese sounds like.
    3)You dont get good Punjabi food in China and the only veg dish you get in China is Frog eggs!!

  4. HI Prem,
    Following points comes to my mind with regards to jazzyB comments
    1. Asiad, is it going to be a 50 over game of T20’s ?
    2. If it is 50 over game, well then, I believe the host country has something to do with India not sending any team. Remember IPL Chairman Suspended’s statements before being suspended: China and USA are key markets for T20. Probably BCCI doesn’t want to promote 50 over games in China coz it thinks it might devalue the T20 version of the game?
    3. If the asiad is just T20, then well WADA is the next best reason that comes to my mind. Also remember during the last episode, One Mr Suresh kalmadi had very kind words to say about SRT’s commitment. I am not sure if that had indeed influenced BCCI in taking such a stand?

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  6. I am with the BCCI on not participating in the Asian games. Cricket & cricketers are a major distraction not just for the public even for the participants in sports events like this. For cricket fans I guess watching Ind-NZ matches will be more exciting (pitches are faster over there) than India playing some week Asian teams.

  7. its simple enough…the cricket team represents BCCI and not india. there is no monetary benefit for BCCI to participate in the Asiad ergo no team being sent.

  8. The reason why BCCI did not send an Indian Team to Asiad is simple – There is no money in participating in Asiad!!!

  9. Thought I’d point out that a lot of people are missing a key fact about why the BCCI didn’t send a team (I think Harsha Bhogle mentioned it on his twitter) – WADA compliance which is still not agreed

    • But no mention about it in the BCCI statement.

      “We would not be able to send our team, both men and women, for the Asian Games in China because of international commitments,” the BCCI chief administrative officer Ratnakar Shetty said in Mumbai.

      You think BCCI will miss out on a detail that will help them from avoiding all questions?

  10. What should BCCI have done with respect to the Asian games?

    1. Focus of NZ tour (there could be a test#1 to defend, after all) and ignore Asian games totally.

    2. Focus on NZ tour, but send a C-team to Asian games (with possibly no medal hope, but worth a try).

    3. Focus equally on both NZ tour and Asian games, that is, split the teams and make two B-grade teams (with possibility of defeat/success in both cases).

    4. Focus on Asian games and use a C-team in NZ tour (chance to win a medal in asian games, sure of losing a series against NZ).

    5. Focus only on Asian games and cancel the NZ tour (which might cause administrative trouble).

    Was BCCI right or wrong in selecting the first option? Is the media justified in saying “money over country”? When they play against NZ, arent they still playing for country?

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