Do it yourself interviews…

…with Pele, Maradona, and Zidane: Here you go. If you’ve ever wished to interview a celebrity, this is your chance: direct interviews with three of the greatest footballers in history. And don’t blame me if your productivity is shot for the rest of the day. [An earlier post, that also references the Louis Vuitton ‘Journeys’ series.]

A post, and a request

Why, exactly, did India lose its once chance to play on the World Cup stage? Hint: it is not because barefoot players were banned.

Thanks to a bunch of friends on Twitter, I’ve got a comprehensive post up on the Yahoo India blog, rounding up interesting stories from the world of the Cup.

As follow up tomorrow, I was planning on introducing you guys to my favorite soccer book of all time. I have referred to that book earlier — here, and here. Time now to give you an extended look inside those pages — but meanwhile, a question for you, the answers to which I hope to incorporate in the post: which is the best book on soccer you have read, and why?