Jaguar Javagal, the man-eating fast bowler

Actually, jaguar is not the fastest animal on earth. At its best, a jaguar can clock about 70km/hour. But like Srinath’s bowling, jaguar is considered to be extremely accurate when it comes to claiming its victim. Probably, that is what clinched Srinath’s choice for adoption.

There you go — there’s your laugh line for today. Courtesy Deccan Herald, and this story.

Funny thing is, ever since I stopped blogging in June [the whys and wherefores can wait], I’d been getting questions on Twitter and in mail on when I was planning on starting up again. End-August, was my inevitable response, and August 30 was always going to be when I came back here. And look what happens — the day before, the game I’ve followed over a lifetime, one that has powered a majority of the posts on this blog, goes to hell in a hand-basket. Again.

So I thought I’d return not with a post on the latest match/spot-fixing scandal, but with the link above. And leave you with the highly risible visual of Javagal the jaguar, who over a lifetime in cricket was, just like the animal, accurate in claiming its victim. After all, on a day like this, what you don’t need is more bad news; what you do need — though you don’t realize it yet — is a prompt for belly-deep laughter.

Enjoy. Will return, with match-fixing thoughts, and regular updates, tomorrow.