Jaguar Javagal, the man-eating fast bowler

Actually, jaguar is not the fastest animal on earth. At its best, a jaguar can clock about 70km/hour. But like Srinath’s bowling, jaguar is considered to be extremely accurate when it comes to claiming its victim. Probably, that is what clinched Srinath’s choice for adoption.

There you go — there’s your laugh line for today. Courtesy Deccan Herald, and this story.

Funny thing is, ever since I stopped blogging in June [the whys and wherefores can wait], I’d been getting questions on Twitter and in mail on when I was planning on starting up again. End-August, was my inevitable response, and August 30 was always going to be when I came back here. And look what happens — the day before, the game I’ve followed over a lifetime, one that has powered a majority of the posts on this blog, goes to hell in a hand-basket. Again.

So I thought I’d return not with a post on the latest match/spot-fixing scandal, but with the link above. And leave you with the highly risible visual of Javagal the jaguar, who over a lifetime in cricket was, just like the animal, accurate in claiming its victim. After all, on a day like this, what you don’t need is more bad news; what you do need — though you don’t realize it yet — is a prompt for belly-deep laughter.

Enjoy. Will return, with match-fixing thoughts, and regular updates, tomorrow.

12 thoughts on “Jaguar Javagal, the man-eating fast bowler

  1. what about Randiv’s no ball to deny Sehwag’s century ? how much money was lost/won because of the no ball ?

  2. I had to refresh the page twice to make sure that I was not seeing things !!!!! Now there is something to look forward to …
    Next up ….the book with the reasons for the absence to come out.

  3. in his defense, srinath was a ‘natural’ whose no balls were part of his natural repertoire.

    – s.b.

  4. Welcome back – eager to hear your views. I tuned in to the hyper-coverage yesterday and ended up really disappointed. Seems to me that the people in the media (unfortunately, old favourites included) are either (a) blind to what happens, (b) ostriches, looking the other way, or (c) hypocrites – pooh-poohing things that they were well aware of.

    On a panel discussion on CNN-IBN yesterday:

    * Sanjay Manjrekar acted really sad and depressed. But he also said that in the the 90’s there were players in the dressing room who said ‘yeh toh chalta hai’. Wasn’t he disappointed then? Did he ever report the happenings to the BCCI? What makes him holier-than-amir/asif today?

    * Harsha said that there was proof for the first time. Umm, what exactly happened with Azhar/Jadeja/Mongia? I haven’t ever heard the final report on that – we know a ban happened – but why? What exactly did they do or not do? Of course, Azhar is an MP now and Jadeja an NDTV expert. Harsha’s commentary buddies Sunny and Shastri are as thick into the IPL as anyone. Didn’t he have a clue of what transpires there? If guys like him turn a blind eye or pass over it, there’s little hope for the others.

    Hope to hear the real deal from you 🙂

    • I agree with Amit. I haven’t ever heard holier-than-thou hypocrite Harsha say one negative thing about his buddy Azhar. Wasn’t he writing on Azhar around the time this exploded. Harsha’s integrity is as fake as the hair on his head.

      The outrage from the media is also ridiculous considering that they employ the tainted lot. And Congress has done one better by making crook Azhar an MP from a muslim dominated constituency. Shows once again that communalism, hypocrisy and vote-bank politics beat integrity any day.


  5. Sir welcome back…extremely sad about the match fixing -spot fixing seems like it never went away as always would look forward to your views on the subject

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