The no-post post

What the hell? I only resumed blogging two days ago — and now I find over a dozen mails asking where today’s post is?!

Flattered, guys — but hey, it is a holiday today; a rare one [different matter that I am at work to clear some urgent work]. Gimme a break, back tomorrow. Meanwhile, really appreciate the comments attached to the previous post — really adds heft to the post itself.

Happy Janmashtami. 🙂

5 thoughts on “The no-post post

  1. hi
    I entirely agree with Kapalik. And once u get people addicted to your blog, you just cannot stay away from it and tadapao them!

  2. Isn’t holiday all the more reason to blog? It seems to me that the reason for Prem’s infrequent blogging has to do with his preference for blogging while at work and not on off days or holidays. As a result, when the workload is heavy, there’s no blogs. It is a testimony to the quality of his blogging that there are still followers/readers despite the long gaps.

  3. Hi Prem,
    I do not remember a day since June , when I did not check your website for an update. Your re initiation in the blogging world is very very welcome.
    Your perspective and insights are greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,

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