Not all crusades are what they appear to be on the surface, apparently.

From the blog Churumuri, a compelling, even scary, read.


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  2. Prem, just came across this statistics to pour water on the idea that making betting legal will reduce illegal betting.

    The Organized Crime Section of the Department of Justice found that “the rate of illegal gambling in those states which have some legalized form of gambling was three times as high as those states where there was not a legalized form of gambling.”(11)

    And one national review found that,
    In states with different numbers of games, participation rates increase steadily and sharply as the number of legal types of gambling increases. Social betting more than doubles from 35 percent in states with no legal games to 72 percent in states with three legal types; the illegal gambling rate more than doubles from nine percent to 22 percent; and commercial gambling increases by 43 percent, from 24 to 67 percent.(12)

    Legalized gambling in various states has not been a competitor to, but rather has become a stimulator of illegal gambling.

    11. Emmett Henderson, State Lottery: The Absolute Worst Form of Legalized Gambling (Atlanta, Geo.: Georgia Council on Moral and Civil Concerns, n.d.), 26.

    12. The Final Report of the Commission on the Review of National Policy Toward Gambling, 1976, 71.

    • IMHO, legalizing Gambling, Drinking etc- they all have only one basis: the idea that a man should have the freedom to self-destruct (just short of suicide). Saying anything else is all whitewash.

  3. So now the three players knew Majeed and took money from him,but it was for their sponsorship contracts!WTF !Maybe the sponsors were Ladbrokes,onlinebetting.com, Speciality inks International,Lasvegas cricket betting … or maybe even Pak High Commission in UK.
    On another note-the Pak High Comissioner seems to be heading from one PR disaster to another,now he blames Pawar.Seems to make for good laugh moments.
    The timing of this scandal could not have been worse for those planning to fix the WC 2011 matches.

  4. This is interesting…but I fear the paid news phenomenon will become more common; today media is a very very competitive business; today majority of the printed newspapers are struggling; they are facing losses; the editors are still old fashioned; revenue through internet is not really happening; there is practically not much difference between any 2 newspapers; there is a sameness about them ; so how does the print media industry survive?? how does it pays salaries?? the answer is Paid news..I am not condoning it but stating facts that the print media industry will find it difficult to survive say 5- 10 years down the line on only advertising revenue; we will see newspapers shutting shop with twitter and digital media coming to the party…

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