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The first of the last five ODI games India will play before the World Cup is on today. Elsewhere, the ICC has deferred its verdict on the match-fixing trial now on in Dubai till February 5, and Mohammad Amir’s lawyer says the governing body should take more time — lots more time — before rendering its verdict. The hunt for players to fill up team quotas continues, and continues to throw up the occasional laugh-track — vide this story of Rajasthan Royals picking up some players from its catchment area, among them the “uncapped” Aakash Chopra. Seriously, who dreamt up these rules? Players who went to Zimbabwe by default, because the seniors didn’t go, are capped and hence able to mint millions in open auction, players who have played for the country and for their state for decades with distinction are “uncapped”… I want a lifetime supply of whatever those guys were smoking when they came up with this.

All that said, there is really nothing new to say today. I’d thought of starting a series of posts, one per IPL team, looking at the composition, strengths and weaknesses, but on second thoughts I’d rather do that after all the squads are in place. So, for now, some reading matter: @cornerd, always an interesting voice on Twitter, analyzes the IPL; from another perspective, so does Mint.

That’s your cue — post links, thoughts, whatever. Will get back here late evening to trawl through your posts.


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  1. 290 is too much to chase ..under lights in Durban. I dont think India would even cross 250! AB and JP showed why they were in demand! Even Botha and Parnell too!

  2. A analysis of IPL teams, maybe you can keep it for later. Request you to put your thoughts, for us to read, on Team India’s preparation for WC and what they can try in the 5 ODIs they are playing in SA.

  3. Just following up from my post in the earlier thread Prem, as I’ve just read that Ajinkya Rahane has been signed by Rajasthan (, any thoughts on the fact that maybe players such like him and Pandey might not want to play for the big guys over something other than money? And thoughts on the fact that Pandey has to contend with his state association president being “mentor” over the franchise he is trying to leave?

    • @kny789, it would be a shame if aspersions are being cast on Anil Kumble.. why were the same objections not raised when Brijesh was simultaneously the Secy of KSCA and CEO of RCB? Here are my thoughts on this issue..

  4. Prem: Well said. IPL indeed looks like a bottomless pit. When one thought it couldn’t get any worse, it sinks to new lows. Wonder why worthies like Kumble waste their time and reputation with such nonsense? I can understand Mallya Sr and Jr sitting through 2 days on yawn-inducing nonsense because they have their money at stake but Kumblebhai could have better spent 2 days of his precious time doing some wildlife photography.

  5. For years, advertisers, the fountainhead of revenue for the BCCI were shackled by the norms of the game. They could get their names on trophies or their logos painted on grounds for significant amounts of money. The IPL has changed all that by fusing the actual sport and the marketing vehicle. So, when it comes to building the ultimate vehicle, anything goes!
    I’d taken a 10 year view (albeit tongue-in-cheek) of the impact of the IPL on the game. Comments are welcome:

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