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Yesterday was one of those days when, thanks to one thing and another, I couldn’t watch a single ball of the game. Just went through the match reports in print and on Cricinfo and found all the usual high spots being hit: India’s bowling was trashy at the start, slack in the middle; India’s batting was below par at the start, in the middle and at the end; most batsmen still cannot cope with bounce at pace; Virat Kohli continues an impressive form that makes him a must-pick for the WC starting eleven…

So what am I missing? Over to you guys — at least those of you who did watch the game. What did you make of it all — especially considering we now have four more games before the WC begins?


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  1. Dear Prempanicker:
    What you have missed are:
    1. The entertaining batting by Alam & Devilliers
    2. The professional approach by the Proteas,
    The poor shot selection by our top order batsmen
    Thank god you had something worthwhile to spend your time!

  2. Our flatbed bullies will come to the party when the world cup happens on the subcontinent.

    What’s happening in SA is just the trailer before the movie begins 😉

  3. Dhoni should haved attacked when the Saffers were 3 down for 80..a wicket there would have triggered a collapse..I can’t fathom his strategy of pushing the fielders to boundary and let the new batsman settle in..Devillers and Duminy raised their 50 partnership without a single boundary. Dhoni seems to be totally lost in the middle overs..he did the same mistake aganist pak in champions trophy and in kitply cup,,
    Gaumbhir whilst he was captain in the last series with almost same set of bowlers killed the opposition with attacking fieldsets in the middle overs. Gary and Dhoni would do well to watch the fieldsets employed by Gambhir in the recent series.

  4. Agree with Ram. Change the venue. Rinse and repeat. For India the first match of any series is like first night for a newly wed couple where things happen prematurely 😉

    • To add to your statement – a totally inexperienced “newly wed couple” (not common at all these days I guess)

  5. The bowling is a problem..especially death bowling..what is Nehra doing in the 11? Try some youngster instead of him..we lost when we allowed SA to recover from 80/3…chasing under lights is a real problem.. I really liked Tsotsobe..has he been picked up by an IPL team? good variation, bowled very good leg cutters, good change of pace..also our batters are very different from the test ones will take time to adjust to the bounce and conditions…

  6. Dear Prem:
    The writing was on the wall, as far as the yesterday’s ODI was concerned, right from the beginning. I went home by 6.40’sh and the score was already 50+ for one in 8 overs or so. I did not think that our team would have contained them to below 225, which would have been a score that is perhaps gettable. Once they scored in excess of 250, no chance and the script was all too familiar. (As you say, “rinse and repeat.”)

    I want people to forget about the WC for the time being. Apparently, we won only three ODIs in SA against SA, two of which were in the inaugural series, which means we only won one ODI in SA in the last 18 (?) years. If we look at stats. against Australia in Australia, it may be similar. I wonder why this is so?

    With that kind of record, I am not sure if we are going to get respect (as an ODI team) even if we end up winning the WC. In ODIs, are we really ‘flat track bullies?”


  7. Moments of the match
    1. When SA were 84/3, Bhajji could have bowled like a strike bowler when they had lost the initiative(after Amla’s dismissal). But he was trying to contain(I dont know what!! ).JP and AB didn’t have to play any risky shots to build the innings platform was set, launched into PP3.Rohit and Raina bowled more attacking deliveries than Bhajji.
    2.When you watch Sachin bat, most of the time u know if its his day or not. Yesterday surely was not.
    3.Another thing that is puzzling, Vijay knows how to go abt it in tests and 20-20s but in odi he is not sure(i dunno why)
    4.Kohli and raina braved it out for some time but Dhoni looked good(unlucky dismissal) and Rohit was unfortunate.

    Play a spinner who can attack for you the containing job can be done quite well by Raina/Rohit/Yusuf. If Bhajji can fire FINE, else Ashwin.Give Vijay a rest,let Kohli open and bring back Yusuf.
    Will India be brave enough to sit Yuvraj?Well….

  8. I tend to agree with Ragu Kiran J’s comments above. Why is Rohit Sharma being such a long rope? How many one-dayers have Nehra or Ishant Sharma won for India? I don’t remember any. Overall, my perception is that India would be lucky if they reach the semis of WC.

  9. Saw the match in patches. The passage of play when Kohli and Dhoni were rebuilding was interesting. Kohli was not striking the ball at all. It was getting really tough for him to rotate the strike with Parnell, Tsotsobe and Botha operating. He was just trying to hit the ball too hard (similar to what Dravid used to do). But to this credit he hung around and didn’t throw away. Dhoni on the other hand was striking nicely and also easily rotating the strike. His ran out while backing out too much was unlucky.

    Overall, again from the face of it looks like the Indian team was not ON. How many times we start a series miserably!

  10. Even if we get trashed 5-0, I wont be bothered much as far as batting is concerned. We will have VS and GG, and the youngsters are very different in Indian pitches.

    But I dont know what to make of the bowling. I just hope Nehra’s spell is just one-off, because he used to be the Dhoni’s best bet in recent times. Our part-timers will be a little more effective in Indian pitches, as well as Bhajji(but not as wicket-taking options). Its just nothing but hope when it comes to bowling- that they will fire at the three games that matter- QF,SF & Final. No doubt, our batting will be under real pressure in every match.

  11. 1. That the ball will seam and swing under lights at Kingsmead is known.

    2. AB and Duminy were not attacked enough in the early stages of their partnership. Munaf (the much reviled Munaf) by virtue of some steady bowling nailed Ingram and Amla and brought India right back in the match. With Bhajji + Parttimers to AB + JP, the game meandered.

    3. Once the partnership crossed 100, the game as a contest was over. Only remained whether India would fall short by 30 or 130 under lights.I did not bother watching the Indian response.

    4. No worries, in the next game India may bat first, SRT would fire and Zak and Nehra would return the favour on a line up without Kallis and where Botha bats at No7.

    Like what others have said, none of it is likely to matter as far as the batsmen go. But the off and on nature of the medium pacers and the completely defensive role of HS would mean that the batting would be stretched every time, come the WC.

  12. What does not surprise me anymore is the selection issues. People like Rohit Sharma, Ishanth Sharma keep failing and they keep getting picked up in the playing 11. How on earth do you pick Rohit ahead of Yusuf Pathan, when he hsa done so well in the series against NZ and also Rohit was not a first choice selection for this tour. He got picked only when Viru eneded up injured.

    People like Ashwin, Mithu, Vinay keep getting dumped after 1 match or 1 series and Ishanth and Rohit keep getting selected series after series despite their proven bad techniques.

    With these kind of selections the Indian cricket team is not going to do so well on SA pitches.

  13. The test team looked totally different to the one day side. Bring back dravid guys!!! :). I am sure we are going to struggle in the one day series. Just be happy the WC is on the flat tracks in India

  14. For India to do well in the WC, the batting has to fire.

    Yesterday’s game clearly showed that even on a pitch that had bounce & movement for the bowlers, Indian bowlers couldn’t do much. In comparison, look at the dismissals of Tendulkar & Yuvraj Singh. Sachin had a shot but was unlucky to get the top edge, which was due to the extra bounce tha Tsotsobe got. Yuvraj on the other hand was opened up and edged the ball, again thannks to some great bounce and slight movement of the pitch. Though Rohit Sharma was unlucky to be given caught behind, the ball moved just enough to the pitch to beat the bat. Though Tauffel thought otherwise and gave him out.

    With only 4 matches left before the WC, India can’t do much about the bowling. It is the batting that has to fire.

    Yesterday’s line up without Sehwag & Gambhir reminded me of 90’s and early 2000 where you would like at India batting innings with a nervousness, hoping that Sachin fires. Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma & Raina may have the ability to pull off a win with India at 13/2 on a sub continent wicket. But while facing likes of Steyn, Morkel & Tsotsobe on a Kingsmead wicket, they are found wanting short.

    Dhoni walked in and tried to hammer Botha all around the park in his true aggressive style, but was unlucky to be run out with the ball hitting the stumps after clipping bowlers hand.

    I didn’t see the SA batting, but what I saw of Indian batting, yesterday’s playing XI can only get to the semi’s if the God Sachin decides to unleash his ODI batting form of 2003.

  15. If we apply the “horses for the courses” theory, i think India still has a good side. Raina, Pathan, Yuvraj and Rohit may be found wanting on the pitches in SA, but i’d be surprised if their poor form continued even on the flat Indian highways…

  16. These performances on bouncy tracks might not be a reflection of what will happen in WC, remember Nz series before 2003 WC. But the sad thing is that youngsters still struggle badly on foreign pitches. There has been enough exposure for the likes of Raina, Sharma, yousuf etc but still Indian team stays a very vulnerable target in limited overs cricket on bouncy wickets.

    MurlinVijay has no place in ODIs for sure and yousuf should be played all the time in limited overs.

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