Introducing Akshay Iyer

It’s happening gradually, but it’s happening: we are, one baby step at a time, shifting the focus to writing our own stuff, creating our own content, rather than merely curating from content providers. Having Dan Norcross join the list of columnists has been fun — and hopefully that quotient will up itself during the World Cup, and then the India-England smackdown later this year. Venkat Ananth was another addition, and his columns on Harbhajan Singh and Sreesanth in particular have set off pyrotechnics. AR Hemant joined the team here more recently, got his feet wet, and will be ramping up his writing frequency in the coming weeks. And now, please welcome Akshay Iyer, who joined us a little less than two weeks ago, and debuts with a column on — what else — the ‘capped player’ question.

Hemant and Akshay will be writing with greater frequency in the coming days; a couple of folks you are yet to meet will be joining them; we hope to add a few more interesting columnists from the outside into the mix within the next 20-30 days. Oh, and I hope to resume writing on the Yahoo platform, too.

With that, over and out till Monday.




6 thoughts on “Introducing Akshay Iyer

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  2. Looking forward to reading Akshay Iyer’s take on cricketing issues. While on yahoo, not able to access Yahoo Opinion columns anymore. Is it in deep freeze, some technical issue or I am not accessing the right links?

    • Merely a general freeze – we are working on a new platform for the columns, playing off the new News site. Some background work in progress, once that is done, we will switch the columns back on.

  3. So much writing on cricket but hardly any on politics and bread-n-butter issues. Have serious topics become no go areas for Yahoo?

    • No — those are being handled as well, off our News site and front page. This post merely relates to the cricket component.

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