Leave of absence

And while on that, why do people talk of “leave of absence”? Tautology, no? Anyway — two ODIs in three days for the team; for me, a quick trip to Kerala (Calicut, specifically) in the offing. Leaving about now, back Monday night, back here Tuesday morning. Will leave you with a blog a friend pointed out to me on Twitter yesterday, and with a piece that is all kinds of fun.


4 thoughts on “Leave of absence

  1. Raising .25% interest rate not going to fix neither the high food prices nor the inflation. I think the Policy makers in India fear the stock market crash for any aggressive measures. According to some estimate 50% of the people in India live below the poverty line. These are the people who go to vote and elect their representatives. Do not think they invest in stock market but feel the pinch of the inflation day to day. But the Policies are seemed to be made keeping in mind the rest half of the population… Okay, shush.

      • 3% is very low ..No wonder people do not want to discuss anything about economy. Happy to follow and believe their leaders. “Moby Dick” by Herman Melville .. (Story revolves around a ship captain’s obsession to kill a white whale) old classic teaches lot about leaders, blind followers, the perspective one gets about life among other things is a must read.

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