Whose World Cup is it anyway?

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PPS: Right — so this Storify thing has lots of uses, but using it to create a blog post, and then embedding it inside a blog post, is a bit duh! Off to research better use cases. Oh, and — back with live blogging et al, once the World Cup kicks off on Saturday. Details here tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “Whose World Cup is it anyway?

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  2. Something strange happened today. I saw 2 headlines in cricinfo’s news which I normally expect only in their page 2 section.

    One, australia and new zealand decide to play the chapell-hadlee trophy in the current world cup.

    Two, lottery system to be used tickets for knock out rounds.

    April-1 is more than a month away and my head is spinning trying to make sense what is real and what is spoof.

  3. This was the most difficult blog post I’ve ever read! 🙂 Do consider just posting normally with links rather than this other medium you attempted. Good read but was quite distracting what with the interface being what it is

  4. Something new happened today – for the first time ever, I zoned out while reading your post. Just saying.

    BTW, Prem, every time we get used to 1 site for you, you pick a new site or a new platform. Makes it tough to follow your writings.

  5. hello
    it may be anyone’s cup,but the whole world is made a game of any a few, that is for sure!
    incidentally, i was going through my collection of cuttings, and found your article written in 1994, very well preserved!

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