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Right, so here we go: The World Cup begins today.

Among other things, I’ll live blog the key games in the first phase, and all games from the quarter finals on. The idea is to post at 5-over intervals, looking at what happened and also looking forward at how the game is shaping.

That will be on the Yahoo platform — a work in progress at the moment, but I’ll use that rather than this, despite this one’s greater functionality and visual cleanliness, because this is part of our team effort.


Regulars, feel free to use this blog as an open thread and post comments; I’ll keep swinging by every now and again to catch up with you.

12 thoughts on “Live blog

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  2. Reports of BP & RIL deal in the media ,everyone seems happy and some are even converting $7.2 B to rupees to check how worth RIL is after the deal… Nothing wrong with that but just few months back BP was the most hated company in the world and were banned further off shore drilling in some areas. So naturally they were looking for new partners and new countries where they can have their say.

    Don’t know how RIL got hold of such huge public?/private Property in the first place convincing regulators and friends in the govt but anyway shows how easily Billons can be made…the point is not a single concern in the media that Oh..It’s BP. Okay. More Shush.

  3. Was the non selection of Piyush Chawla a case of horses for courses? With the top 4 bangla batsmen being left handed Chawla with his leg spin may not have been effective.

  4. Live Blog for ODI WC? Would prefer you share some wisdom from the last book you picked up. No interest for ODI WC here..hardly one person spoke to me about WC .T20 WC is a different matter and they still talk about IPL.

    Few years back it was different, People used to gather in friends place or request sports club/restaurants to arrange for big screen viewing so that the desi communities enjoy the matches together. For that matter which teams exciting to watch? Sleep..better.

  5. Looks like a 325 plus track. Would be interesting to see how the spinners bowl.Did india make a mistake in not picking the second spinner?

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