Tumbling into something new

For the longest time, folks on Twitter have been complaining that there is no easy way to follow the various links I keep tossing up; elsewhere, blog readers complained that ‘eye browse’, an occasional series of blog posts I used to do where I linked to interesting reading matter, is now defunct.

Okay, two birds, one stone. Meet my new Tumblr avtaar — a site dedicated entirely to curating all the stuff I read, as I read them. (in other words, when I want to write something, that will happen here; if it is just a link to something I read, that will go in Tumblr).

Too confusing? Okay, making it easier — see the right side of this blog? The segment called ‘Reading Matter’? That is the RSS feed of my Tumblr blog; it tells you what I have added new, and you can avoid or click based on interest levels.

The answer to one final question I’ve been getting a lot of in email: when will I get back to blogging. The short answer? June 1. See you here, then.