Out, damned spot(s)?

“We have to examine and see objectively what else we can do, what further steps we can take, and how we can demonstrate that this sort of action doesn’t pay at all. There’s a lot of work for us to do.”

Thus speaks N Srinivasan. Also:

“We have an anti-corruption code, an anti-doping code. We have advised state units to take steps. But you see the people involved, they are Ranji players and one is a Test player, that is what is shocking,” Srinivasan said.

Well thanks, dude. With all that I have going on in life just now, I badly needed a laugh. And the spectacle of Board President N Srinivasan being ‘shocked’ at the fact that there is some corruption in the IPL was like an intravenous shot of nitrous oxide.

Let’s see:

#The president is the poster child for conflicts of interest — I am surprised they don’t use him as a teaching aide in law school. (Two posts: The Cat in the Hat, and The Sequel). And if ‘justice’ in this country moved at anything more than the pace of an arthritic snail, this case would have settled all doubts).

#The president has had a hand in fixing everything about the IPL — from the scheduling so his own team is favored, to which umpires stand in what games, to even the auction of players so, again, his team gets the best deal (kind of akin to a card player getting to decide what cards he wants in his hand — only, that would be illegal whereas in the IPL, it is business as usual). Oh, and I am not saying any of that — Mumbai Indians made the allegation, officially, and Vijay Mallya (not exactly a model of probity himself, but still) added his voice to the charge.

Last I checked, all of that is ‘fixing’ on a very grand scale.

Was there any follow up? Was an ‘immediate action’ taken?

No? So then, why are we so surprised that three young boys, seeing the easy money their elders and betters were making on a routine basis, decided that there was nothing wrong if they stuck their grubby fingers in the till, too?

Please read this excellent post by Siddarth Vaidyanathan (@sidvee). It says what I wanted to, asks the questions I wanted to, only better.

PS: In that N Srinivasan press conference story linked to earlier, a line had me spluttering into my coffee.

He also said it was “truly sad” that this incident had occurred given that the BCCI had banned five domestic players last year for being caught in a sting operation.

Did you go WTF when you read that? No? Here, read the operative part again, with emphasis added:

“the BCCI had banned five domestic players last year for being caught in a sting operation”

The line is outside of quotation marks, so the Cricinfo reporter could have been paraphrasing. Somehow, I suspect though that those were the exact words the  board president used — and that phrasing is a classic Freudian slip: the BCCI punished players for being caught.


2 thoughts on “Out, damned spot(s)?

  1. Hi Prem – you chose the right topic to start laughing… I mean this is insanely funny.

  2. everything here is laughable! beyond any other emotion. in marathi there is a saying, `अती झाले आणि हसू आले,’
    one can’t but laugh, though there is no amusement.

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