“They use the law to target those who dissent”

“A nation is a daily plebiscite” — Nivedita Menon. Listen to the speech.

Related, I wish someone would live-broadcast these lectures:

Update: There is a live Periscope feed.

In passing, does it not do you good to watch 100s — thousands? — of students, all raptly attentive to a voluntary lecture?


One thought on ““They use the law to target those who dissent”

  1. I am glad that someone has taken note of the efforts undertaken by our esteemed faculty. Everyday at 5 there is a lecture being held at the admin block. I was surprised to see the way students came pouring in, all voluntarilly. Keep a look out, Menon’s lecture on the 20th and Ayesha Kidwai’s on the 21st will be worth watching.

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