Selective entitlement

Taxpayers — the loyal, patriotic ones, at least — have been appalled ever since the JNU row broke out. Our tax dollars subsidising that nest of radicals, baby terrorists who may or may not have connections to shadowy Pakistan-based agencies? Maybe evem, as an outraged TV anchor suggested, even receiving covert funding from said agencies?

Intolerable. Mohandas Pai said, in words that cannot be improved upon (but have been extensively criticised): ‘We fund your education, not your politics’.

Senior journalist Swapan Dasgupta is similarly appalled. Those ‘Azadi’-loving radical baby terrorists are getting a hostel room at just Rs 219 a month!

Quelle horreur!

And speaking of where my tax dollars are going — there’s this (dated 2014)

Those hard-working Rajya Sabha MPs deserve every rupee they vote themselves. Including one and a half times airfare (Wait — I get reimbursement of airfare, but why half again?). Tiles in the kitchen and bathroom. And so on. And on.

That is how it works. I am entitled. You, on the other hand, are an anti-national Pakistan-loving sack of shit.