Arnab’s alternate universe

In the wake of the outing of the Kanhaiya Kumar video as fake, various journalists have resorted to revisionism — the standard tactic being deleting the tweet(s) in which they propagated the lie.

Times Now’s Arnab Goswami went one better — he claimed he had not only aired the video, he had actually stopped BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra from airing it. And from that premise, Goswami asked that The Wire apologise for the piece by its editor Siddharth Varadarajan, where he criticises TimesNow among other channels for giving the fake video air time.

What follows, is a classic take-down. The Wire plugs in this video of Arnab’s show:

Quote, from The Wire’s update of its previous piece:

Times Now’s anchor, Arnab Goswami used the convenient device of asking BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra to show it on air.

 Goswami can clearly be heard repeatedly asking Patra (from 22:50′ onwards) to “show the video, show the video.” When Patra shows it, he orders the Times Now camera to zoom in on it. “Show the video close by”, says Goswami. After the forgery is aired, Goswami declares triumphantly, “I can clearly him say, if that is indeed him in the video, I can clearly hear him say ‘leke rahenge aazadi’.” He then turns to a guest, Anand Kumar from JNU, and says, “If this video is correct, what are you going to say now?”.
Indeed. What do you have to say now, Mr Goswami?
The nation wants to know.

Other tweets in the series say it Varadarajan’s report was “completely and factually incorrect”.

Goswami apparently called Varadarajan to clarify.

Note: In an earlier note, The Wire accepted in good faith Arnab Goswami’s claim, made in a telephone call to Siddharth Varadarajan, that the channel had stopped Sambit Patra from showing the clip.

So now what? Now that it turns out that Arnab did get that clip aired (and there is the little matter of claiming he didn’t while his media group demands an apology), will the media house take action against its anchor?