The right to… what?

Wait, what precisely are the lawyers marching for? Their right to intimidate, beat people up, threaten, even commit flagrant contempt of court has not been impeded, as far as anyone can see.

While on which, Caravan meets with Vikram Chauhan. The conversation is enlightening.

The last call Chauhan received before I got out of the car at Karkardooma, was particularly graphic. The person who had called, congratulated Chauhan on what he was doing, encouraged him to continue, and then added what a local person of prominence had asked to him to convey: “Poora samarthan hai unka. Bola hai ki inko karne do saare naatak … Mombattiya jala ke bas apni gaand me daal lenge … Kuch nahi hone denge aapko.”—He [Chauhan] has our whole-hearted endorsement. Let them [the students] carry on their drama…they can light candles in their asses…nothing will happen to you.