Words, words, no matter from the heart…

The second most senior member of the government said this, in context of the assault, by BJP-affiliated lawyers goons, of journalists covering the Patiala House court complex.

Meanwhile, in another land not so far away — another land also ruled by the BJP — this happens:

On Thursday, after living in Jagdalpur for nearly half a decade, five weeks of relentless police intimidation drove Subramaniam and her family out of town.

Malini Subramaniam’s crime? Writing consistently, with deep reporting and exemplary perseverance, of the tribulations of Chattisgarh’s disenfranchised.

Supriya Sharma’s story of the travails faced by a reporter doing her job is chilling. Not merely for the narrative of the serial persecution of Malini Subramaniam, but for the larger implications.

The incidents are too many and too numerous to ignore — incidents of serial persecution of any who dare to dissent, or even to report. And this persecution is being carried out in tandem by the government, its tame police force, and by goons hiding behind the fig leaf of flag and country.

Sabka saath, sabka vikas — a slogan Narendra Modi had occasion to invoke several times this week, even as his stormtroopers were assaulting students in Delhi, and a government led by his party was hounding journalists in Chattisgarh.

That is all we are left with — empty slogans, and a vision of achche din that is already in tatters.

And speaking of slogans, remember the other one? Na khaoonga, na kaane doonga? Here you go:

Forest rights of  tribals over their traditional lands in Ghatbarra village of Surguja district have been summarily taken away by the Chattisgarh government to facilitate coal mining of Prasa East and Kete Besan coal block. The block has been allocated to Rajasthan Vidyut Utpadan Nigam Limited (RVUNL) and Adani Minerals Private Limited is the mine developer cum operator (MDO). The latter is a 100% subsidiary of Adani Enterprises Limited and RVUNL is Rajasthan government’s company.