Jobs for the boys

This, today:

Said Shashi Shekhar was last seen adorning the post of the now defunct Niti Central. It’s one-time editor Kanchan Gupta — by no stretch of the imagination a sickular libtard pseudo-intellectual commie-loving sack of shit — had this to say about Shekhar:

Friends have told me about Niti Central’s demise. My response is one of indifference. I resigned from my post as Editorial Director of Niti Digital in June 2014 after a callow techie whose only demonstrated qualities were of intrigue and deceit was appointed CEO. As part of my exit agreement, I insisted on all content attributable to me to be removed from the site, including any mention of my name. I wished no association with the new dubious avatar of what was once a trail-blazing multi-media digital platform. I have neither visited the site nor cared to think about it since then. Its closure means nothing to me.

So another party hack gets a sinecure, in the grand tradition of Gajendra Chauhan and others. The more you think about it the more you realise Arun Shourie was right, after all — this government, with its misuse of power, its tin ear to criticism, its cosy cronyism and much else, is no more, no less, than “Congress plus a cow”.

A cow, and a beef against anyone — individual, institution — that disagrees with it.


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