Party ka order hai…

“Party ke order hai, Umar Khalid aaye toh uske haat-payr tod dena, marna nahin,” he told a colleague in a loud enough voice, referring to a student who has been in hiding since being accused of sedition for allegedly organising the February 9 protests at JNU. Translated, it means that there are orders from “the party” – the BJP – to break Khalid’s arms and legs but not kill him.

Thus, Vikram Singh Chauhan. He said many other interesting things too. Read. And then read this.

Asked why he had not responded to police summons, Chauhan said he would appear before them soon and was confident of getting away . “It is not a serious case and it is a bailable offence. I am a law-abiding citizen and would appear before the cops as soon as possible. I will follow my seniors’ instructions,” said Chauhan.

Translated into English: So sorry, no time to appear in court just now, am too busy being felicitated for following the party orders and engaging in outright thuggery (also known, in some quarters, as ‘jungle raj’). Oh and by the way? His justification:

Some media personnel who were reporting “wrong things” from the court premises, which had infuriated the lawyers, he claimed.

Really? But the media had just reached the court premises; the event they were there to report — Kanhaiya Kumar’s appearance in court — hadn’t happened yet; so what “wrong things” did they report?