Die! Kill!

Holding a press conference in Coimbatore on Saturday, BJP National Secretary H Raja said: “D Raja should demand that communists kill his daughter Aparajitha for her involvement in the JNU protests and shouting slogans like Bharat Teri Tukde Honge.”

That is a BJP national leader speaking.

Never mind that there is no evidence Aparajitha shouted the slogans ascribed to her. Here is the real problem: It is these leaders who drape themselves in the national flag and casually endorse violence against the “other” that empower, and are are responsible for, the goons we see out on our streets today.

And on the subject of enabling, there’s this:

On Saturday morning at around 9 am ASI Shaikh Yunus Pashamiya, 56, was surrounded by 200 men and beaten up by sticks after he was asked to hold saffron flag, parade and dance.

What was this man’s — this policeman’s — crime? That he supported JNU? Disagreed with the courts on Afzal Guru? Shouted anti-national slogans?

That he was a Muslim?

That he exists, and his existence affronts the flag-marchers?