‘My conscience has started to revolt’

Vishwa Deepak resigns from Zee News. And on his way out the door, he asks:

Along with Kanhaiya, we made many students appear to be traitors and anti-nationals in the eyes of the people. If anyone is murdered tomorrow, who will take its responsibility? We have not merely created a situation for someone’s murder or to destroy some families but we have created the conditions ripe for spreading riots and brought the country to the brink of a civil-war. What sort of patriotism is this? After all, what sort of journalism is this?

Are we the mouthpieces of the BJP or the RSS that we will do whatever they say? The video that did not at all have the slogan “Pakistan zindabad”, we played it repeatedly to create madness and mayhem. How did we believe some voices coming out from the dark did indeed were those of Kanhaiya and his colleagues? We misheard “Long live Indian courts” as “Long live Pakistan” and working on the government line, brought the careers, their hopes and aspirations and families of some people to the brink of destruction. it would have been better if we had let the agencies do their jobs and waited for their conclusions.

Read his letter in full.


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