Did you do our job for us?

Much of this police interrogation of Kanhaiya Kumar sounds fairly routine. Except for this WTF bit:

Police: Did you make any efforts or take any steps to stop unlawful activity by the said students raising anti-national slogans?

Kanhaiya: I was not present at that time. I was not part of the programme which happened at Sabarmati. But being president of the students’ union, I had to take part to stop the fight and clashes on the road which goes from Sabarmati dhaba to Ganga dhaba. I appealed to the guard to stop the fight and also appealed to the students not to clash with each other. During this, no anti-national sloganeering happened.

Huh? See this.

The university authorities informed the police well in time. The police sent its representatives, also well in time. Those police representatives were on the spot when “unlawful activity” was happening, if it did happen.

So the cops are asking Kumar if he did their job for them? Turns out, he did. A bit further down in the interrogation, this:

Police: You are a part of the illegal/unlawful activities on the February 9 cultural programme held in JNU in the evening as shown in the footage. What do have to say?

Kanhaiya: On February 9, I was sleeping during the daytime and I woke up at 5pm. After freshening up, I came out of my hostel room to have tea and snacks. Outside the hostel, some students were saying that members of the ABVP group had blocked a road near Sabarmati hostel when another group of students were carrying out some cultural programme. The ABVP members had blocked the road, which was likely to lead to clashes between two groups. It could have become violent and any time a fight could have erupted.

Holding a paratha in my hand, I, along with a few students, reached Sabarmati hostel on bikes. I saw a police PCR van, policemen and security guards in huge numbers. On one side were ABVP members shouting slogans. I stopped there, and then I saw that another group of students were taking out a march shouting slogans.

The two groups started abusing each other, the clash started, each hitting the other. I intervened and tried to stop the fight, making a human chain between both the groups. I tried to stop both the groups from indulging in fighting. The other group again started marching towards Ganga dhaba and the ABVP tried to stop them.  This continued till both the groups reached Ganga dhaba where police were deployed in huge numbers.

After police intervention, the groups were separated but they started shouting slogans against each other. But no anti-national sloganeering took place at Ganga dhaba. I tried to pacify both the groups. Then I addressed them and gave a speech condemning the entire episode. After my speech ended, both the groups, after a few minutes, dispersed.

So unless the police witnesses have a different take on this, what exactly is Kanhaiya Kumar’s crime? That he tried to make peace?