‘We were to throw a bomb’

Read these excerpts from the IndiaTodayTV expose of last night, and see how many serious violations of law you can count — starting with incitement to violence. All by ‘lawyers’. All in defiance of express court orders. All under the benign eye of tolerant cops. Sampler:

Chauhan: There are not many lawyers in Patiala House court. There are only 100-500 lawyers. Half of them deal with challans.
IT: Yes, they deal with challans.
Chauhan: We were to throw a bomb. There were so many boys from outside. From Dwarka, Rohini. Many were called in. I wrote on Facebook and asked them to come.

It’s a scary tale of systematic, planned violence. Or, as Bhim Bhassi would say, “a bit of jostling“.

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