Does anyone in the BJP listen to Modi/Shah?

Just curious.

In recent times, even media outlets openly proclaiming allegiance to the right have been saying that the serial controversies are beginning to hurt the Modi government. Which should remind us of this:

Under fire from its allies and the Opposition — and nervous over reports that the party is losing the edge in Bihar — the BJP on Sunday “reprimanded” some of its top leaders for their controversial remarks on the Dadri lynching and cow slaughter. The move came a day after its ally, the Shiromani Akali Dal, warned the Centre that “fringe elements” were hurting its credibility with “irresponsible utterances”.

Sources said Modi was “upset” because these statements had hurt the BJP’s agenda in Bihar and adversely affected his attempts to bring in foreign investment. The party believes that such remarks served to vitiate Modi’s message of poverty alleviation and job creation.

“The state government should have been in the line of fire (over the Dadri incident). But the public statements of our over enthusiastic leaders have put the BJP on the defensive,” said a party leader. Such statements have provided ammunition to the opposition to attack the PM and the party, he said. “The message was not just for those who were present in the meeting.

It was also a warning for those who are prone to making controversial statements,” said a party leader. “Because of such irresponsible statements, the government and the party are getting embarrassed before the international community. It is affecting the investment atmosphere adversely,” Shah is learnt to have said at the meeting on Sunday which lasted for almost 80 minutes.

Which is what a lot of us have been saying, too. But never mind us — is anyone in the party even listening to Amit Shah and Narendra Modi? Do they even care? Contemporary events seem to suggest otherwise.

But then, no one really cared back then either, did they? (Emphasis mine):

The two BJP leaders who had given controversial and allegedly communally sensitive statements in the aftermath of lynching of a Muslim man in Dadri, toldThe Hindu that unlike media reports, the meeting was “a routine one” where the party chief asked them about their work in their respective constituencies.

Mr. Som, the BJP MLA from Sardhana Assembly constituency in Meerut, told The Hindu: “There was no question of reprimanding! Reprimanding happens when you have done something wrong. He is our chief and I meet him regularly.”

“All I had said in Dadri that those who were part of the lynching should be punished but the SP government should not harass innocent Hindu youths over the issue,” added Mr. Som who was booked by UP police for allegedly uploading a fake video which incited violence during 2013 Muzaffarnagar communal riots.


Sachchidanand Hari Sakshi, popularly known as Sakshi Maharaj told The Hindu: “Media should verify and report. I am a five-time MP. The way some media houses have reported about the meeting insinuating me being reprimanded or scolded, is not responsible reportage.”

“I am a sanyasi. He [Mr. Shah] looked at me and I looked at him. That was it,” added the BJP MP from Unnao.

It’s a sign of Shah’s “strength” that a day after he supposedly summoned erring leaders to reprimand them, said leaders responded the way they did.

So today, a “furious” Amit Shah has summoned Gyandev Ahuja. They will likely look at each other, will they?


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