A death foretold

Radhika Vemula is bitter about the conduct of the Vice-Chancellor Appa Rao Podile and the university authorities: “The vice chancellor did not bother to meet me even after my son died.’’ She went on to speak about the letter he had written to the VC a day before he committed suicide, when Rohith asked Podile to provide all dalit students with 10 mg of sodium cyanide and a rope at the time of admission, pointing to the discrimination lower caste students faced in the university. The letter gave an indication of Rohith’s state of mind that day, and yet the authorities did not think it fit to alert the family.

From the mother of the baccha Smriti Irani dramatically invoked in her speech; the ‘son’ whose loss Narendra Modi felt on behalf of Mother India.

The clip above from this story.