“The police did nothing”

On camera, Kanhaiya Kumar recounts his experiences at Patiala House — where, as Bhim Bassi said, he was “jostled around”.

It is the first statement of Kanhaiya on camera after Patiala House Court attack. Narrating the incident, Kanhaiya said, “The media ambushed me as soon as I reached the gate. Then the police brought me inside. And then a man in a lawyer’s uniform attacked me and it looked like he was waiting for the moment, sitting in anticipation. The attackers were calling others to join them, and shouting, ‘he’s arrived’. They were all attacking me, so much so that I was almost disrobed in the process.”

He added that even policemen, who were accompanying him, were also attacked. Accusing the police of letting his attacker go free, Kanhaiya said, “I was already pushed to the ground by that time. In the meantime, there was this one man who ran into the adjacent room, and seated himself at the back of the room. I pointed towards him, and told the police that this is the man who was attacking me. The policemen asked the man for his identity, but he countered them, asking for their I-cards instead. The police did nothing to him. He could have been easily caught, but the police did nothing.”

The CNN-IBN story, plus video.