The Right needs to grow a brain

Akshaya Mishra in FirstPost:

That makes the nationalism debate a colossal waste of time – in fact, the whole idea of the debate is redundant if it fails to find points of convergence and only reinforces the divergences. The article singles out the Right because it’s the challenger ideology and it seeks to question and replace the earlier one. To achieve that it needs to present arguments that are compelling enough and reasoning that is palatable. None of it has been evident so far.

The more the Right argues, the more it looks bankrupt in terms of ideas. For example, how does it fit the perceived insult to Goddess Durga into its nationhood framework? “Every year, thousands of Durga Puja pandals are erected showing her in a bad light, in sexual positions,” Irani said. Aren’t the people doing it Hindus? Is this a conspiracy of the Left to give the deity a bad name? If the latter is case then a good number of Hindus must been Leftists from much earlier times. Possibly Mahisasura was one.