Tameez aur tehzeeb

Aligarh Mayor Shakuntala Bharti is supporting the group’s call for a ban. “We had issued a warning that we will not allow this film to be shown in the city at any cost. Ten days ago, we lodged our protest against the screening of the movie,” she said.

“Aligarh tameez aur tehzeeb ka shahar hai. Vishwa vikhyat kavi Neeraj ka shahar hai hamara Aligarh (Aligarh is a city of culture and refinement. It is the city of world famous poet Neeraj). Aligarh Muslim University is world renowned. Are they trying to malign the city by naming the film after it? The city is being tarnished by showing that such people also live here,” said Bharti, who is from the BJP.

This from the Mayor who recently was in the news for seeing beef where there was none.