All is well

Bhim Bassi saw no violence, only some jostling.

The district magistrate of Bastar saw no attack, only stage-managed drama.

The Haryana police see no sign of rape. Neither does the government.

This is our world — one where the institutions designed for our protection are aiders and abettors of the crimes against us.

But ‘what about’ the UPA? Or the Communists of Kerala and West Bengal? Or the TMC? Or the Samajwadi Party? Or the jungle raj of Bihar under Lalu Yadav? (In passing, how ironic the ‘jungle raj’ theme sounds now, when the front pages are full of stories of mass rape of the kind that happens in the midst of the worst pogroms?)

Precisely. Previous governments have effectively emasculated the police. Hence the nationwide resonance of “achche din” — the promise to undo the ills of the past, to usher in a better tomorrow.

Didn’t take too long, did it, for the government of the day to become “Congress, plus a cow”?