Keep him in jail for life, then?

Of the many WTF elements gleaned from media reports of bail proceedings in the Delhi High Court, this one takes the cake:

Additional Solicitor General (ASG) Tushar Mehta said that similar slogans were raised in Jadavpur University after JNU. If Kanhaiya is granted bail then such incidents will get a boost.

Seriously — how did this gentleman become a lawyer — much less Narendra Modi’s favored lawyer?

Also from the court proceedings:

  • “Do you have video evidence that Kanhaiya was raising anti-national slogans?” asked the court at which police denied of having any video in this regard. 

  • “When your policemen were present there in the campus in civil dress why don’t they take cognizance when anti-national slogans were raised? Why did not they video record it?” asked the court.

  • The Delhi police also say that a JNU official has testified that Kanhaiya called upon cancellation of the programme and further said the programme will continue despite the cancellation of the permission.



10 thoughts on “Keep him in jail for life, then?

  1. I remember reading that you were not a fan of Arundhati Roy, correct me if I am wrong. Have you changed your mind being more more tolerant to her ?

    • I am not a “fan” of anyone. Except maybe Shakespeare, and Steinbeck, some writers like that. I didn’t like God of Small Things and have said so; I also found some of her impossibly long cover pieces in Outlook magazine both naive and self-indulgent, and said so too. That hasn’t changed. IF she — or anyone else for that matter — does or writes something I like, I’ll say that — and that *still* doesn’t mean I have “changed my opinion”. In any case, mate, what has Arundhati Roy got to do with this post?

      • Ah, that way. I understand. The thing is, defense of speech has nothing to do with whether I agree or not, no? I disagree with several things Roy has written or spoken — but I have never questioned her right to speak as she did. And equally, when — I remember this one piece she wrote about Naxals — her writing was borderline “seditious” and she was being slammed, I suggested that she needed to be countered, not vilified or shut down.

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