Would you vote for Donald Drumpf?

John Oliver takes on Donald Trump:

In passing, how I wish we had our own version of John Oliver. Maybe it is time to invent one.


3 thoughts on “Would you vote for Donald Drumpf?

  1. John Oliver is amazing, still remember his take on lack of coverage over Indian elections, lol

    If and when you have a chance, would love to read your brief take/ reading list on the US run to primary. There was a post which took on New Yorker, taking some potshots at its upper middle class writers for covering Clinton over Sanders. There was one more last week where the writer said Trump was taken lightly for too long by political scientists (he admitted beforehand he didn’t have any data to back the claim), thinking he won’t go far.

  2. Hi Prem,

    Not at the same level as Jon Oliver (or Jon Stewart), but AIB do a pretty good job with their show On Air with AIB on the Hotstar channel (http://onairwithaib.com). Check it out if you haven’t done so yet.


    • I know AIB and check their material, off and on, Hiten. That said, I was referring to the sort of cutting edge political commentary Jon Stewart patented, and Oliver is now taking to a whole other level.

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