JNU. Condoms. Proof. Soon.

BJP MLA Gyandev Ahuja says he will “display proof” to back up his allegations about the number of condoms used and liquor consumed in the JNU campus on a daily basis.

Talking to the media outside the state Assembly on the first day of the 6th Assembly Session of the Vasundhara Raje government, Ahuja said, “I am among those politicians who stand by their words. Other leaders look left-right and deny what they’ve said or that they meant it differently, but I will only say this — I will hold a long press conference and in an organised manner will display the proof and evidence (for it).”

The “war”, he says, “is between asur (evil) and daivyi shakti (divine power), and this will go on.”

I wonder which side BJP president Amit Shah, who was reportedly “furious” at Ahuja’s initial statement, and “summoned” the MLA for a dressing down, is on.