Phones for women = bad

Spreading in Gujarat now, this:

“Girls don’t study properly if they have mobile phones, and they can get into all sorts of bad situations,” Thakor told the Thomson Reuters Foundation in a telephone interview. “Let them study, get married, then they can get their own phones. Until then, they can use their fathers’ phones at home, if necessary.”

In the Mehsana district, unmarried women found using mobile phone would be fined Rs 2,100, while informants would be rewarded Rs 200, as per the new diktat.

I wonder, in passing, if any serious attention is being paid to the effects of cellphones on boys below the age of 18?


4 thoughts on “Phones for women = bad

    • Oh thanks — hadn’t seen this. Will check. Not much on Twitter, actually, and blogging in the midst of working.

      • Appreciate you checking it out when there’s time.

        These are twitter users, many even live abroad. But still, to see some of the examples below, in the supposedly advanced, higher learning groups is disconcerting. I know many will see these examples and say well I didn’t have to go through this or that, lucky for you, but there are others who did. So take a moment to reflect.

        Examples – ‘you’ve to think about the whole khandan, aunties and family friends before you do or wear anything’, ‘Having some of the highest suicide rates, but not being able to talk about problems/suicide in our communities’, ‘being encouraged to have a career UNTIL you have a husband and kids. Then it’s fulfill your role as a homemaker’, ‘constantly being silenced about ur struggles and abuse bc you can’t make the culture or ur fam look bad!’ , ‘not being able to pursue your artistic dreams and being brainwashed/forced into STEM related careers’, ‘For some reason no man in your house can know that we get periods, not ur brother, husband or father’.

        Thanks again.

        • I agree — there is still a dark, unexplored realm of the mind out there in a supposedly progressive country, and when light shines in as it does on rare occasions, what you get to see is scary. And, now that I come to think of it, focussing light on those dark places is very much a need for our times.

          Thanks for the feedback, and best

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