Unringing bells

Yesterday, the DM of Bastar posted his thoughts on the Soni Sori attack.

The post said outsiders have set up a propaganda machine in Bastar, which is no less than a war zone. “Attack on Soni is surprising as trail of events (that she was attacked with acid) travelled to media faster than speed of light. It seems to be well-planned (sic) a day when PM Modi was visiting the state. It is difficult to digest and impossible to believe, but it was a staged event.”

Decoding Maoist propaganda in Bastar, the post says, “The next bigger surprise came from Soni Sori. The seemingly staged event was blown out of proportion by the national media as an acid attack. How is that all of them have access to one photo with the phrase acid attack within a short time.”

I don’t know about Facebook, but on Twitter the post took off, with its amplifiers pointing to it and going see, we knew it was fake all along.

Today, the DM deletes his Facebook post. None of the posters from a day earlier is seen going oh, oops, maybe we spoke too soon. The bell has been rung; the thought has been embedded in the collective consciousness, and it becomes an integral part of the narrative. And that is precisely the problem with loose mouths — the damage that they do lives after them.