Kanhaiya Kumar gets bail

The Delhi High Court has granted JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar six months interim bail.

And with that, over and out for the day. There’s a dinner waiting for me. Be well all.

Congress – a day late, a dollar short

“Is it true,” asks Congress spokesperson Manish Tiwari, “that former Home Secretary Honble G.K.Pillai serves on the Board of Gautam Adani-led Adani Ports and Special Economic Zones Ltd?”

Well, duh! That was reported back in 2013 by Economic Times, as part of an extensive story on the Adani Group. (The clip below is from Page 4; here is the start of the M Rajsekhar story).

Last October, former home secretary GK Pillai joined the board of Adani Ports. In 2010, when Pillai was the home secretary, the ministry denied Adani Ports security clearance to bid for port projects in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and JNPT. When asked if his joining the group amounted to a conflict of interest, Pillai messaged: “Security clearances were denied based on certain alleged economic offences. Subsequently, the MHA (ministry of home affairs) gave the necessary security clearances and I joined as an independent director only in October 2012—one year and four months after I superannuated.” News reports, however, show the final clearance to Adani came only in 2013. When asked about this, Pillai messaged: “What I stated is my recollection. I have no further details and I will need to check on what you have stated.”

Invitation to a rumpus

Via India Resists:

After the evidence of doctored videos being circulated by some media channels, it becomes evident that there was a design behind the incidents that followed. The question that remains is how did Saurabh Sharma come to know before hand that anti-national slogans will be shouted ? Why is it that Saurabh Sharma called only two media channels and not media in general ( which is the convention). Last but not the least why did the reporters cite Saurabh Sharma (ABVP being an interested party) and not the permission of JNU registrar which is the convention.

The site attaches a copy of the relevant page of the registry.

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“It is unfortunate”

Only in India: A young man is injured in an accident. He is moved to the side of the road, and left there bleeding and unattended, because police and other officials are busy clearing the road for the convoy of the state chief minister and other ‘VVIPs’.

He dies.

It is unfortunate, says the CM.



The second killing of Israt Jahan

Was Israt Jahan a terrorist? Did P Chidambaram manipulate intelligence reports? Valid questions, all — which need to be asked, and answered and, where necessary, cases filed and action taken against those guilty of any shade of impropriety.

However, none of this removes from the books the other open question: Was Israt Jahan a case of extra-constitutional killing?

Vrinda Grover, on that question and more, is worth your time.