Breach of privilege

Mohammed Salim of the CPM has moved for breach of privilege against HRD Minister Smriti Irani.

“Using the opportunity to speak as a Minister during reply, she misled the entire nation by a statement which is far from truth and factually incorrect,” Salim said in his notice.

“This is a clear case of breach of privilege. I would like to request you to take appropriate action by allowing this notice,” he said.

Interesting to see where this goes. And whether both sides will stick to facts and act like adults debating a serious issue, or just scream over each other and indulge in theatrics.

Meanwhile, JNU continues to be under official siege, with students now needing to get the VC’s signature if they want to photocopy anything at all.

On Friday, plainclothes police picked up a photocopy machine operator in Ber Sarai, a crowded settlement between JNU and IIT Delhi known for its bookshops and eateries, and detained him for the night at a police station.

“They asked him if he had printed ‘anti-national’ posters for JNU students. Many JNU students come here to photocopy pamphlets – we don’t even read them,” said a friend of the operator.

The detainee, who didn’t want to speak, was picked up again this evening by the police’s special cell as this copy was being filed. The special cell investigates terrorism-related cases and is now handling the JNU sedition case.

Since Saturday, Ber Sarai’s shops have been refusing to photocopy pamphlets.

“We know the students, they are all familiar faces. We’ve done this work for several generations of students, often on credit. The loss of business will hurt us but it’s better than going to jail,” a photocopy shop attendant said. “Times are bad.”