Invitation to a rumpus

Via India Resists:

After the evidence of doctored videos being circulated by some media channels, it becomes evident that there was a design behind the incidents that followed. The question that remains is how did Saurabh Sharma come to know before hand that anti-national slogans will be shouted ? Why is it that Saurabh Sharma called only two media channels and not media in general ( which is the convention). Last but not the least why did the reporters cite Saurabh Sharma (ABVP being an interested party) and not the permission of JNU registrar which is the convention.

The site attaches a copy of the relevant page of the registry.



Inviting the media for an event where news is anticipated is not a crime. It happens all the time. Pramod Muthalik of the Sri Ram Sene even developed a business model out of it.

But if Zee was there, it was filming. The clips it did air have been widely exposed as fakes. The question is, where is the raw footage? What does it show? At one point, then police commissioner Bhim Bassi said the police had acquired not just the clips, but the full footage as well. If that is true (and with Bassi, that question hangs over all his statements), then why is that evidence not produced in support of the sedition charge against Kanhaiya Kumar?

Item: The Delhi police informed the high court just two days ago that there is “no video evidence” against Kanhaiya Kumar.

Connect the dots.




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