Where Rohan Murty nails it

“I doubt if these people have read even a single book that we have published. I want to hear in which book we have published, in which line or page there is a problem, and in what context, and why,” said Murty, who for about a year was executive assistant to Narayana Murthy during the latter’s comeback to Infosys. “I think that is a more constructive, positive way, rather than saying that this is a conspiracy theory.”

Thus Rohan Murty, on the Sheldon Pollock controversy. And here, he really takes the manufacturers of outrage behind the woodshed:
“It is quite rich to sit in the peanut gallery, pass comments and throw empty shells at those who are actually rolling their sleeves up and working on the ground,” said Murty, 33, a junior fellow at Society of Fellows at Harvard University. Murty was responding to an online petition addressed to him and his father.
The petition — which, among other things, argues that appointing an American goes contrary to Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ mission — in full is here.
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