All the kings horses…


…and all the king’s policemen and propagandists finally accomplished this: They took a young boy with limited brand recognition within a university, and they created a star. One, what is more, with a seeming appetite for a fight.

And they by way of bonus have created a new rallying cry for disaffected youth everywhere: Azaadi.

Part 1:

Part 2:

I am seriously curious — how did they imagine this game would play out, when Maheish Giri made that first move?


2 thoughts on “All the kings horses…

  1. You never know. Even giving birth to a new star (national youth icon) may have been the design. With politics anything and everything is possible. But I doubt it — this horribly went wrong for certain side and perhaps was never expected.

    • If it was part of a calculated design, then all I can say is, ditch the “designer” — I can think of few strategies as inept as creating a political star for an opposition so fragmented it doesn’t have a single resonant voice. I agree with your assessment — someone was too clever by half, thought to deflect from Vemula by creating a furor elsewhere, and it all has gone badly wrong.

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