Oh these textbooks!

Minister for Human Resources Development Smriti Irani, the other day, was visibly outraged by the nature of textbooks in use in our schools (well, actually, in the instance that incensed her to the point of fury, the textbook concerned was not in use — but let’s not go into trivialities now).

I am in absolute, complete agreement with the minister. Seriously, the kind of utter rubbish we force-feed the young with is a national disgrace. As for example (and please ignore the execrable grammar):

BJP ruled Chhattisgarh has went a step further with its class X social science textbook quoting that “working women are one of the causes of unemployment” in the country”.

That’s what we are teaching class X these days — working women equals rise in unemployment. (In passing, this is a textbook that IS in use — not like the one that incensed Ms Irani, which dates back 14 years and wasn’t in regular use even then.)


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    • Did you watch this year’s Filmfare Awards? At one point Irfan Khan tells Shah Rukh Khan: “Yeh kya hai ki aapke picuterein tho picturein, hamare picturein kya vada paav?” Wasie hi hai — their doings and undoings are in the “national interest”.

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