A poser on a poster


The image, above, of posters on Delhi walls is courtesy the Hindu.

The posters offer a reward — Rs 11 lakh — for the gunning down of Kanhaiya Kumar. There is no mystery about who posted these — the person responsible openly admits it; boasts, too, of his long association with the RSS.

The police have filed a case against him for — believe it or else — defacement of public property.

“We will analyse what is on the posters and add more Sections of the IPC if required,” a police officer told The Hindu.

And that is how it should be — you should analyse, investigate, gather evidence, then charge, even if the perpetrator openly accepts he did what he did.

Exactly what they did with Kanhaiya Kumar — or was it?

PS: Starting with the invocation of Bharat Mata, and ending with the phone number you are supposed to call if you gunned down Kumar and want your reward, the poster contains 43 words. Which, obviously, requires who knows how many man hours of “analysis”.

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